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  • Something Beyond a Cup of Coffee

    Something Beyond a Cup of Coffee

    Family Fun About to Begin
  • Keep Calm and Have Starbucks Coffee

    Keep Calm and Have Starbucks Coffee

    Better Ingredients, Better Taste
  • Don't Drink and Drive

    Don't Drink and Drive

    Spreading Love Everyday

Options Coffee Shop

Options Coffee & More which we call “The Social Lounge” where friends gather to enjoy conversation, retreat from the chaos of everyday life, take a moment to relax and enjoy our world class Starbucks coffee which is only available at options coffee & more. To complement our unique hot and cold beverages, we offer a wide selection of snack ideas including pastries, cold & hot sandwiches, innovative burgers, exclusive pizzas, scrumptious steaks, special sundaes, homemade options ice-cream and worlds best brand BaskinRobbins ice-cream. Options Coffee & More is an ideal venue for dining, casual meetings, business talks and have fun. To keep you entertained at Options, we have largest LED screen, chess / ludo tables, news corner, 3D gaming zone, separate family and party lounges where you just need to grab a cup of coffee or snack and enjoy all at Options- Coffee & more in a perfect ambiance. We take coffee serious while having fun and never stop experimenting.


Starbucks Coffee

For the first time ever in Pakistan, Options – Coffee & more is serving you Starbucks coffee. Once you enter Options – Coffee & more, aroma of Starbucks beans brewing will freshen you up. You can choose from a number of light, medium and strong coffee’s, hot or cold, or enjoy original Starbucks frappes. It is to make it clear that options coffee & more does not claim to have Starbucks franchise rather we always state that we import and use original Starbucks coffee beans, grind them at the same pace while using same machines, use all other same imported ingredients and Starbucks trained staff make the coffee at same temperature and deliver to your table in same Starbucks cup. And we assure you that you will find the same taste as you will find at Starbucks coffee shop in Dubai, London or New York.



Baskin Robbins

Options, being the trend setter once again offers popular flavours of Baskin Robbins which are presented at times in its original cup and spoons, displayed in sealed baskin Robbins ice cream cartons. There are a number of toppings and shakes to choose from which you can make your ice cream more creative and delicious. It is to make it clear that options coffee & more does not claim to have Baskin Robbins franchise rather we always state that we offer originally imported Baskin Robbins ice cream to our customers when feasible.

Special Cold Beverages

Options- Coffee & More gives their customers a wide choice of Starbucks cold coffees, frappes, special drinks, Smoothies, shakes and seasonal fresh juices which will clench your thirst and refresh your mind. Options- Coffee & More gives you a variety of different flavours and choices in their drinks selection menu.



Snack Ideas

Options – Coffee & More gives you a wide selection of creative snack/food ideas including Burgers, cold/hot Sandwiches, pizzas, soups, steaks with Exotic taste, Spices, & Flavour’s which will kick away you hunger whether its day or late night.

Ludo / Chess Tables

Options coffee and more is also a place for the families to come and connect with each other and relish the moments together by enjoying traditional ludo and chess games provided on tables. This is the best amalgam to enjoy coffee/snacks with loved ones.



Largest LED Screens

Options is the pioneer brand in Pakistan to install the largest LED screen in coffee shop where the guests can enjoy Live screening of sports matches and important events in an enjoyable, lively and friendly atmosphere

3D Gaming Zone

Options knowing trend of the kids going digital has created state of the art 3D digital gaming room which has now become the talk of town especially amongst children and youngsters. Kids love this digital adventure and keep themselves busy while their elders enjoy their meals or conversations.



News Corner

Information is motivation and therefore, we have created a special news/book corner offering wide range of newspapers, informative and motivational books, novels and magazines to satisfy the needs of our special guests having interest in current affairs or those who love to read while enjoying the drink or food of their choice.

Laptop / IPadS / Wi-Fi

Options coffee & more has set the trends in The guests can avail free WIFI, in-house laptops and IPADS to complete their official tasks and connectivity over a cup of your favourite Starbucks coffee.



Safari Lounge

Options coffee & more offers its Safari lounge for social gatherings, corporate meetings, events celebrations with choice of décor to make the experience life time memorable. Our In-house LEDs provide perfect opportunity for displaying presentations and event slides.

Make an Online Reservation

Options Restaurant and Coffee Shop offer 24/7 service of Booking or Reservation for Lunch, Dinner, Birthday Party or a Business Meeting. For reservation, please click MAKE A RESERVATION.


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