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Options Specialities

Royal Signature Cakes

Royal Signature Cakes are most popular cakes of Options Bakers. They come in chocolate, cream, flavour of choice and in dry form.



Designer Cakes

Options Bakers claims that you put your imaginations on the paper or bring the picture of design and we will craft the cake as per your requirements. We have perfected the art of giving life to your visualization.

Picture Cakes

Options Bakers is a pioneer in introducing picture cakes in Pakistan. We use Italian eatable paper and eatable ink to print super perfect picture on the cake. Picture cakes are becoming more and popular and its becoming hard for Options Bakers to keep it up with the demand.



Corporate Cakes

Corporate Cakes are new addition in the ever-growing selection of Options Bakers & Delights. Corporations now a day expressing thank you to their clients and appreciating best performance employees with company with the cakes carrying logo and desired messages. This is the best way to win the heart of valuable customers and employees.

Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are now a part of tradition. It seems wedding celebrations are not complete till the wedding cake is cut by groom and bride. Options Bakers feel pride to be the only confectionery in Pakistan who was able to make 500 pounds cake for a high profile wedding in Lahore.



Cup Cakes

Cup Cakes are known as fun in the cup. Best Chefs at Options Bakers are capable of making flavored cupcakes, name initial cupcakes, designer cupcakes and 3 D cupcakes. Highly Recommended Fun Sweet.

Pastries / Cookies

Options Bakers and Delights offers freshly baked pastries and cookies in most liked flavors and always ready to bake anything and everything on demand.



Branded Chocolates

Chocolate Love is the strongest love which exist today. Options Bakers and Delights make its own premium chocolate products which can also be customized at times. Similarly, Options Bakers offers chocolates of all popular brands.

Live Baking!

Options introduced the concept of Live Baking visible through a glass for the customers so that they can enjoy viewing their Cakes being baked in front of them. It’s amusing as well as satisfactory form customers.


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