Restaurants at Lahore reveal the Seattle small town soul at every weekend, and even everyday midnight is the commemoration time at the city. The city awakes at the midnight and celebrations are at its peak. Lahore is the city with tons of food options. It is also called as a city of spices, where you can find every type of scrumptious and the delicious food.

Decades ago a dream was born, the culture of hospitality embossed in excellence came into being and took shape as the well known hospitality restaurants in Lahore. The magnanimity of thought and the vast vision of the legends for the hospitality industry effectuated a perfect ambiance of comfort and care under the Lahore’s restaurants lane. The Pakistani Food Restaurant divulge the core values in intricate detail, defining the best services, customized to each and every client.

This hospitality in Exotic Food Restaurant like Options restaurant has made the first choice of world traveler. Each restaurant carries the core philosophy of delicious food with care to perfection. Yet derive excellence in their distinct way. The foremost being is the ideal ways of celebrating the events. The restaurants at Lahore double your celebrations with the delicious food. But the question arises who food can make us happy.

Thousands of papers have been published on the important topic of what determines people happiness and psychological health. But what about the potential influence of the different kinds of foods that people eat?

The rising prevalence of mental ill health is causing considerable burden, and so inexpensive and effective strategies are required to improve the psychological well being of the population of Pakistan. And now there is the growing body of literature suggesting that dietary intake may have the potential to influence psychological well being.

Dietary of what? Well, given the strong evidence based for the health benefits of fruits and vegetables researchers started there. Cross sectional studies more of the world supports this relationship between happiness and food intake. Those eating tasty food each day had a higher likelihood of being classified as very happy.

Celebrating your occasions with restaurants


Christmas day is celebrated on the 25th of December in the world. Although it is the religious holiday for Christians, it’s also a popular holiday with non-Christians, as well. Parades, gift giving, holiday displays and lights galore mark the arrival of Christmas in the world. For Christians, it’s the church services and social gatherings. Even people who do not celebrate the religious aspects of the holiday tend to enjoy, gift giving, having family gathering and feasting together.

Christmas is celebrated very well in Pakistan too, although it is a Muslim country but the country gives all the liberty to the non-Muslim to celebrate their festivals. Especially at Lahore the celebrations are at its boost, every where you can see the lightning and the restaurants are opened all night, waiting to serve people with the delicious food.

The celebrations at the restaurants are doubled just because of that environment of celebration and the aroma of the delicious food. No one can resist to go out and celebrate on a day either they are Muslim or non-Muslim. It doesn’t matter for any one when they are getting special deals of food on the Lahore streets.


Eid day is celebrated soon the day Ramadan ends and the new month of Islamic calendar arrives. Eid is the festival of Muslims, celebrated all over the world with greater enthusiasm. Eid, also known as the Feast of the Breaking of the Fast, will see Muslims all over the world celebrate with prayer, food and gift-giving. You can also call this festival as a sweet Eid, as the amount of delicious food and sweets are the special part of the Eid celebrations.

Every country celebrates Eid by their own ways with their special traditional dishes. In Pakistan Eid is celebrated at the full boom, especially in Lahore where you will get crazy after just entering into the top restaurants of Lahore, where you can find lots of restaurants with the food and the people celebrating it on the full pave.

Food always doubles the celebrations and makes Eid festival more special. People are really keen about what they are going to wear and what they are going to eat. Barbeque at the Exotic food Restaurant is set for the friends groups and other main core dishes are made to bloom out the environment and to spread more happiness around.


The idea of celebrating the date of your birth is the pagan tradition. In fact many people do not celebrate birthdays historically, because of that link to paganism. But in Pakistan it is celebrate in the 80% of the houses, because Pakistanis always need the day to celebrate and to spread happiness.

At the top restaurants in Lahore there are the special packages of birthday parties. Restaurants greet you with the outstanding food and the staff of the restaurant sings birthday song along with you. Making the day special and involving other people at the restaurant to wish you happy birthday. This amazing scenario just makes every one as a family and creates love and affection towards each other.


New Year is the joyful end to the season of gratitude. A mysterious Dawn of the imminent unknown, you met with the hopes and fears. The hope that you can start over and the fear that you’re past will not let you start over. Celebrating each New Year finds its deepest Meaning, in the need to be reborn, forgiven, absolved, renewed, and redeemed.

New Year is celebrated all over the world with fireworks. Friends and families are gathered at their places with the delicious food, or with the barbeque planes, even cut cakes of New Year. People are out all night celebrating New Year in Lahore. Every restaurant is opened up all night to make it possible for people to double their celebrations with the delicious food of the restaurants.

Almost all major celebrations includes food, it is natural that human always sense that there always have been the special connection of food with the celebration. Food is never slipped off the list while celebrations are going on. This may give privilege to the food restaurants in Lahore to make them legendary. As Options restaurant has made the special connection with its foodies by playing an equal part in their event celebrations, by offering them delicious hygienic food. You can make an online reservation for birthday party and other events at Options restaurant.