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  • Promising An Exotic Journey

    Promising An Exotic Journey

    Stunning Ambiance, Live Music, Great Service
  • Cooking is Love made visible

    Cooking is Love made visible

    Quality ingredients, Freshly cooked, Professional Chefs
  • House of Six Cuisines

    House of Six Cuisines

    Food for the Soul

Options – An Exotic Food Restaurant

Yee Haw – Its Options Restaurant. Leave the stress where it belongs and get ready for the exceptional experience. It’s time to have a fun dining experience at Options. At Options, you will enter through a space door overwhelmed with waterfalls and stars above, great smiling faces to greet you, service call buttons at tables, WiFi to remain connected to the world, Disney characters to play with the children, a photographer to take pictures to capture your memories, live kitchen to enjoy your food being cooked in most hygienic conditions, trendy Juice Bar with large selection of special drinks and fresh juices, Full range of Pakistani Cuisine along with Lebanese, Iranian, Turkish, Chinese and fast food specialities. You can also watch video presentation of dish of your choice by scanning QR code printed in the menu next to the dish. While enjoying your favorite food, you can relax your mind by looking at hundreds of exotic fish swimming inside the Largest Aquarium or you can close your eyes and listen to grand concert piano being played with soothing tones or you can listen to melodious live music being played by renowned singers or you can watch sports at 13 feet theatre screen plugged in with 10 large size LCD’s – and when you are done with your delicious food – the fun can be more sweetened by adding heavenly tasted desserts from Options Dessert Bar…… This is called – An Options Experience – which is in reality an Exceptional Experience for a long time to remember.
“Passionate for Taste and Hospitality”, are the best five words which define OPTIONS. Options present real Pakistani culture which is based on warmness and enthusiasm with modern style.

Options Specialties

Pakistani Cuisine

Pakistani Food is a combination of home grown rich traditional spices, fresh vegetables, fragrant long grain rice, seasonal fruits and a refined blend of various regional cooking traditions of Pakistan. Pakistani food is gaining popularity in all the corners of the world because of its richness and unique flavours. Our famous celebrity chef and his expert team prepare the most delicious food for the souls.



Lebanese Cuisine Specialities

Lebanese Food has a wide range of menu and is in demand all over the world specially among those who enjoy perfectly cooked meat with less spices. Options has picked the best dishes out of most popular Lebanese menu for their guests to suit their taste buds.

Iranian Cuisine Specialities

Iranian cuisine combines savory dishes with sweet flavours like pomegranate, barberry and cinnamon. There is ample use of fresh herbs and subtle spices like saffron. The goal is not to knock your taste buds over with one prominent taste, but to serve up layers of flavours to keep you guessing as to what may come next. Options Restaurant chef has picked carefully the few specialities hoping that our guests would fall in love with his selection.



Turkish Cuisine Specialities

Food lovers are falling in love with Turkish food and the eateries offering Turkish food in Pakistan are being filled up more and more. Options kitchen team work hard every day to keep the taste as close to authentic as possible for the Turkish specialities being offered in Options exotic menu with pride.

Chinese Cuisine Specialities

Chinese cuisines are most popular in the country after Pakistani. Chinese eateries can be found everywhere and it might be because of the brotherly relations with China. Options has included most popular options of Chinese cuisine to its menu to provide choice to valuable guests.



Fast Food / Pizza

Options Restaurant gives you a wide selection of fast food, Burgers, Sandwiches and Pizzas with a unique Exotic taste, Spices & Flavour’s which will kick away your hunger. Come enjoy the vast menu of burgers & Sandwiches and enjoy the taste in perfect Ambiance at Options.

Make an Online Reservation

Options Restaurant and Coffee Shop offer 24/7 service of Booking or Reservation for Lunch, Dinner, Birthday Party or a Business Meeting. For reservation, please click MAKE A RESERVATION.

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